Seminar für Wirtschaftspolitik (Prof. Haufler)




Seminar "Taxation and regulation of the financial sector"

In the Winter Term 2019/20 the Seminar for Economic Policy offers a Bachelor level seminar on the topic of „Taxation and regulation of the financial sector”. All parts of the seminar (seminar papers, presentations, discussion) will be held in English. We will cover topics that play an important role in current research and policy discussions in the field, such as the increase in bank’s capital requirements under the Basel III agreement, the taxation and regulation of bank managers’ bonus pay, the pros and cons of financial transaction and financial activity taxes, regulatory competition between different countries, or the design of resolution procedures for global banks. The topics for the seminar cover both theoretical and empirical work. They also include some experimental studies on individual risk-taking choices and on behavioural patterns of bank managers.

The seminar will be held on 21.-23. November 2019

Venue to be announced later.